Sherlock Season 1

February 5, 2014

Sherlock Season 1

Although I liked the 1984 series where Jeremy Brett played the title role, when I heard about a new series being made and set in “contemporary” London I wasn’t actually looking forward to watching it, as stories rarely work out as good when you change the original setting. Eventually though I caught an episode and liked it, so here’s my review.

Sherlock and Watson at 221B
Sherlock is a British TV series currently in its third season. It is a modern day adaption of the famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Benedict Cumberbatch plays “Sherlock Holmes” and Martin Freeman Stars as “Dr John Watson”. The season is 3 episodes long.

A Study in Pink

“A Study in Pink” is the first episode which introduces Sherlock Holmes to Dr Watson, who is an Afghan war veteran looking for a place to stay. Sherlock just happens to have a spare room and the two hit it off from the start. Sherlock reveals that he is a consultant to the police and the two are soon investigating a series of deaths, that on face value look to be suicides.

The Blind Banker
“The Blind Banker” Sees Holmes being hired by an old friend who wants him to investigate a break in at a bank. What appears to be graffiti spray painted on the walls, turns out to be a code that leads Holmes and Dr Watson on the trail of a Chinese gang.

Jim Moriaty
“The Great Game” is the final episode of the first season and introduces Andrew Scott as Sherlock’s nemesis “Jim Moriaty”. Holmes and Watson are made to solve a series of cases before time runs out. The episode ends in a great cliff hanger at a swimming pool, where Moriaty places a bomb on Watson.

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