No Man’s Sky PS4 Review
Games / August 20, 2017

No Man’s Sky (PS4) Mention that you play No Man’s Sky and a lot of gamers will roll their eyes and ask why you play that “boring game”. Truthfully it’s fair to say that this game wins “the most hyped game of the current decade award”. So why am I writing a review for it? Because despite the hype it’s brill stuff. True, I regret paying £60 to have it delivered on launch day. Then I didn’t play it for months soon after buying it. But I have to admit that No Man’s Sky is evolving into a brill game. Just don’t expect Eve Online style player battles and in-depth story line. No Man’s Sky is based upon single player exploration, combat, survival and trading. Some multiplayer elements have been introduced through updates. The story line is very simple, follow the Atlas path to reach the centre of the universe. When the game first came out it consited simply of you, the player known only as “the Traveller” in a universe spread out over 18 quintillion planets. Your character woke up on a planet near a crashed ship and to begin exploring the universe you needed to fix the ship…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review
Movies / December 30, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Blu-ray + Bonus Disc] [2015]  Star Wars The Force Awakens is the seventh Movie in the brill Star Wars series of movies. Having recently bought the rights to the saga Disney is banking a lot both financially and in terms of reputation upon its success. It’s fair to say that they have a lot to live up to as previous Star Wars movies didn’t just define the genre but set all the box office records it has to beat. Star Wars A New Hope was a ground breaking movie, it brought Science fiction to the large screen in a way most folk couldn’t even comprehend before. It was so ground breaking that even as it was being made many of the crew working on it didn’t think it was going to be a success. Luckily George Lucas held steady in his belief that he could make a sci-fi movie for 9 year olds and we now have seven brill movies. Before I continue I must warn you that plot spoilers will commence from here on in.   About 30 years or so after the Second Death Star was destroyed the First Order has risen from…

Movies / January 23, 2014

Oblivion A rare thing has happened! I have found a Tom Cruise performance that I like. It’s not often I say that and certainly never thought I’d put it in writing on the internet but there you go lol. The only other time I liked his performance in a movie was Interview with the vampire (1994). Sure the first Mission Impossible was good, as was ghost Protocol but Tom Cruise never seemed to be acting any differently than any other character he has played. The plot is that Earth has been devastated by a war with an Alien species called “Scavs”. Who destroyed the moon assisting during the war. Humanity eventually won however, the Earth was no longer able to sustain them, so the survivors escaped to a space station named “Tet” before going out further into the Solar System and settling on Titan, Saturn’s moon. Tom Cruise plays “Jack Harper” A maintenance man who along with partner Andrea Riseborough “Victoria “Vika” Olsen”. Maintain the droids that guard huge hydro power stations from the Scavs that remain on Earth. The couple, receive orders from Melissa Leo “Sally” the mission commander who is up on the Tet space station After the…

Movies / January 19, 2014

The plot of Elysium is set in 2154. There are two classes of people, the rich who live in a utopian space station orbiting Earth called Elysium, and the poor who live on a polluted, overcrowded slum of a planet that only exists to manufacture the things that people in Elysium need. Like the polite but “do as I say or else” robots that keep the poor in their place.