Movies / January 23, 2014

Oblivion A rare thing has happened! I have found a Tom Cruise performance that I like. It’s not often I say that and certainly never thought I’d put it in writing on the internet but there you go lol. The only other time I liked his performance in a movie was Interview with the vampire (1994). Sure the first Mission Impossible was good, as was ghost Protocol but Tom Cruise never seemed to be acting any differently than any other char...

Movies / January 19, 2014

The plot of Elysium is set in 2154. There are two classes of people, the rich who live in a utopian space station orbiting Earth called Elysium, and the poor who live on a polluted, overcrowded slum of a planet that only exists to manufacture the things that people in Elysium need. Like the polite but “do as I say or else” robots that keep the poor in their place.

Battlestar Galactica Online
Games / January 15, 2014

  Battlestar Galactica Online Called BSGO for short is a browser based MMO based upon the hugely popular re-imagined TV series. With many large star systems to fly through you’ll be gazing in amazement at the planets and asteroid belts as you hunt your prey. And when you find them the battles can be fast and furious dogfights between 2 players in strike craft, or long range missile barrages between gigantic battle ships supported by ...