The Terminator Movie Review

November 30, 2015

The Terminator [DVD]

the terminator

The Terminator’s been out for a rather long time and I must have watched it countless times in the past. However I got a new 4k TV a few months ago and decided to watch it. I know the PS4 doesn’t upscale to 4K but that didn’t matter. My new TV gave the movie a new sense of depth and colour that you just wouldn’t expect from a movie made in 1984.

the terminatorThe plot of the the movie is well known. Sarah Connor is a normal everyday young woman, waitressing to earn a living. Unknown to her she is also the soon to be mother of future human resistance leader John Connor. She is targeted by Skynet that sends a Terminator back in time to eliminate her. If she dies John Connor will never have been born and thus humanity will perish. Fortunately a lone soldier; Kyle Reese is sent back to protect her rescuing Sarah just in time from the clutches of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character. The two find they are attracted to one another and share an intimate night that leads to Sarah becoming pregnant. The Terminator is relentlessly in its persuit of the pair and it ends in a final confrontation. Kyle is killed, the Terminator is destroyed and Sarah Connor starts her journey to become the mother of the future.

The Terminator is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic role and arguable he would have never been as big a celebrity or go onto become governor of California if it wasn’t for the success of this movie. Right from the start when he arrives, naked Arnold owns the role. His muscular body seems to be machine like and his Austrian accent is not what you would expect from someone you would meet on the streets of Los Angeles. Critically acclaimed at the time for its pace and action scenes The Terminator still ranks among the best movies made by Hollywood.

The terminator

The Terminator [DVD]


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