January 23, 2014


A rare thing has happened! I have found a Tom Cruise performance that I like. It’s not often I say that and certainly never thought I’d put it in writing on the internet but there you go lol. The only other time I liked his performance in a movie was Interview with the vampire (1994). Sure the first Mission Impossible was good, as was ghost Protocol but Tom Cruise never seemed to be acting any differently than any other character he has played.

Oblivion brillstuff

Oblivion aircraft

The plot is that Earth has been devastated by a war with an Alien species called “Scavs”. Who destroyed the moon assisting during the war. Humanity eventually won however, the Earth was no longer able to sustain them, so the survivors escaped to a space station named “Tet” before going out further into the Solar System and settling on Titan, Saturn’s moon.

Tom Cruise plays “Jack Harper” A maintenance man who along with partner Andrea Riseborough “Victoria “Vika” Olsen”. Maintain the droids that guard huge hydro power stations from the Scavs that remain on Earth. The couple, receive orders from Melissa Leo “Sally” the mission commander who is up on the Tet space station
After the scavs send a signal out into space a craft soon crashes to Earth. Jack investigates only to find human survivors in hibernation pods. When a drone shows up he is horrified to realise that the machines he had been repairing all these years, are in fact designed to kill humans…

Oblivion Vike

Vika at console

I’m not going to go too deeply into the plot here because this is a movie with some nice twists and superb acting by all involved though, Morgan Freeman didn’t quite convince me as a military leader.

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