Logan Movie Review

August 7, 2017

I’ve just watched Logan and decided to write a movie review. I don’t actively follow the X-men movies however I’ve watched a couple and liked Wolverine. When Logan got his first solo movie I gave it a try and what I saw was brill stuff. Thankfully so did enough people for Hollywood to make more of them.

Logan [Blu-ray + Digital HD] [2017]
Logan Movie Review 1 Logan is the tenth instalment of the X-men film series. Unfortunately it is also the last for Hugh Jackson in the role of Logan/Wolverine. The movie is set in 2029, 25 years after the last known mutant birth. Logan is aging, his body no longer heals as it used to. His adamantium skeleton is slowly killing him.

Working as a chauffeur to make ends meet. He and Caliban, who has the ability to track other mutants look after Charles Xavier. Now in old age Xavier is suffering from some form of brain disease. The disease seams to freeze everybody around him causing them great discomfort

A female nurse, employed by a biotechnology company called Alkali-Transigen approaches Logan to provide transport for her and a young girl, Laura Kinney to a refuge for mutants called “Eden” in North Dakota. Logan accepts her offer but before he can take them anywhere the woman is murdered.

Logan Movie review 4
Her killers track Logan to the hideout where they are caring for Xavier because Laura has hidden herself in his limo. Laura, Logan and Xavier escape leaving Caliban to be captured, and tortured into tracking them.
The nurse had left a video on her phone in which she explains that Laura is in fact Logans daughter. She had been conceived using a DNA sample from him which was implanted into a Mexican woman to make her pregnant. Laura had spent all her life in a Transigen facility being trained to become a weapon that would earn the company billions of dollars in.

While escaping the hired killers of Transigen, Caliban kills himself to save the others and Xavier is killed by a younger, fitter and rather angrier clone of Wolverine.
Logan finds himself alone with his daughter and they end up travelling to Eden closely followed by Transigen. In a final show down Laura and Logan, helped by other young mutants heading for Eden defeat the bad guys. However Logan is killed while saving Laura from his angry clone.

I like Logan, it’s not as far fetched as some super hero movies can be. Wolverine isn’t running about in tight lycra thinking up cunning plans to save the day just in the nick of time. He’s old, run down and dying yet when he gets going you still don’t want to be on his bad side. Xavier is in his sunset years and not as he once was. There’s no Academy with a secret base underneath it filled with hi-tech gadgetry. The movie is basically three old men and a little lady get chased by an evil company.

Logan movie review 2

Dafne Keen who plays “Laura Kinney” is fantastic in the role of Wolverines daughter. She slices her way through the bad guys like a warm knife through butter just like daddy back in the day. At the start of the movie she doesn’t talk, when she does Logan is dumbfounded. But she delivers her lines like actresses twice her age and is a talent to watch for in coming years.

Logan is a brill, dystopian glimpse into the future of two of the most well liked X-men characters. It doesn’t bode well for them but it sure is enjoyable to watch. After the movie I had to wonder though, what did happen to the other X-Men?

Logan [Blu-ray + Digital HD] [2017]

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