Minecraft PS4 Edition Review

September 8, 2014

Minecraft (PS4)

At first glance Minecraft PS4 Edition is a blocky looking game (pun intended). Its graphics remind me of the spectrum 48K when a block could be your character or a bad guy depending on its colour. I first decided to try this game on Android with the Pocket Edition and I was hooked right away. So when a couple of days ago I found out that Minecraft PS4 Edition was available to download, I was straight onto the PlayStation Store with credit card in hand. The game download was quick and easy. Even with an update file I don’t think it was much more than 300MB in total.
minecraft PS4 Edition box

Minecraft PS4 Edition is at heart very basic, you must mine, farm or gather resources to eat, fight and build your way to success. The game tutorial will take you through everything you need to do this but as the interface is so well thought out you can go straight into the game if you chose to do so.

Minecraft PS4 Edition has two single player modes. Creative mode where you have unlimited resources and can build or do anything you want. Think of this mode as a bit like being 8 years old again and someone has given you the keys to a warehouse full of Lego. A fun thing about creative mode is the ability to fly, this can be helpful when building tall buildings. After a while though this mode felt a little lacking in challenge.
The second single player mode is survival where you have to mine, craft and eat to stay alive. Everything takes time except filling your inventory with cobblestone and dirt. But I’ve found it’s the most fulfilling mode. I can’t tell you how chuffed I am about my little hole in the ground that has a cobblestone entrance and 3 block high perimeter wall surrounding it, to keep out the monsters at night. I even have a fenced off area inside the wall ready for livestock.

minecraft PS4 Edition swordSurvival mode is full of monsters and all of them want to kill you. Creepers are the most annoying as the name suggest they creep up on you and then explode. This can be frustrating if they do so beside your newly built home. When you die all items you are carrying are dropped. You can pick them up again if you can find where you died but you can lose everything. I try and carry only the items I need for a specific task and put anything else into a chest for safe keeping. By the Way if you place two chests side by side they turn into one larger chest capable of holding more.
Minecraft PS4 Edition also has four player split screen and 8 player multiplayer modes, with the power of the next generation consoles the worlds will never feel cramp when you play with your friends. So call up your buddies and get them to come on over or to get onto PSN now! That skyscraper you want won’t build itself you know.

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Minecraft PS4 Edition is the latest version of a game that was first released for PC in May 2009, that’s over five years ago and it’s still being released on platforms that never even existed back then. Sure its graphics aren’t the best looking and the story line is nonexistent however the game play is compelling and you’ll find yourself oddly addicted to this game. The potential to build and create is only limited by your imagination. If you’re not sure Minecraft PS4 Edition is for you try downloading the free demo version before deciding if you want to buy it.

Minecraft (PS4)

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