Destiny PS4 Review

September 26, 2014

Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition (PS4)

I’ve Been playing Destiny PS4 for a bit now and was initially impressed by what I saw. The graphics are stunning, far more impressive than most other online games that I have played recently. There are lots of missions to do, PVP games are abundant too in case you get bored of taking on the AI. The story unfolds as you unlock different missions on different planets within the solar system that you can travel to using a spaceship you find on Earth. This also helps move the story line along which I don’t want to spoil for you. The character you play is customizable and guns, armour and special abilities increase as you level up as you would expect from such a game.

Character Creation Destiny PS4
However after a couple of days things began to get a bit repetitive. The main missions basically have you following a path shooting bad guys until you come to the level boss. The fighting is your basic Call of Duty run and shoot affair, with lots of cover for you to hide behind until your health recovers. There are plenty of targets which is a good thing, unfortunately the AI controlling them isn’t. Many enemies will come towards you shooting and then walk backwards to where they started from. The first time this left me wondering if some bad ass enemy was about to show up and I reloaded my weapons in eager anticipation but I was sorely disappointed when they started coming towards me again. You can out flank the enemy by ducking into cover and then sneaking your way around their side to catch them unawares but I have no idea if this is an intentional attempt to add some tactics to the game or another serious flaw in the AI.

Destiny PS4I think if it wasn’t for the sheer numbers of enemy that you encounter the gun fights would be a truly hollow experience. There are patrol missions to choose from where you can go anywhere on the map of that planet, picking up small side missions however these too are run and gun affairs. Instead of an end of level boss though you will need to collect items dropped from dead enemies or once you reach a certain point you just stand there doing nothing until your HUD says you have scanned the area.
Once a main mission is finished you return to your spaceship in orbit after a timer countdown. just don’t expect to sit on the bridge and look out the window because you can’t. All you will see of your ship is the outside. There is no way to control it or walk about inside it. So it amazed me when I found that I could swap it for another apparently “better” one. Unless Bungie plan on adding space combat in some future release of DLC your space ship is rather useless.

Destiny Wallpaper PS4
There is the main hub on Earth where you can trade with vendors, pick up new missions or place items in your vault. I find this vault pointless as anything I have ever put in there has been obsolete armour or weapons. Better stripping them down as once you find something better you will obviously have no further use for it.

Fighting Destiny PS4
Apparently Bungie wants you to socialize in game and have gone out of their way to make it easy to do so in Destiny. My experience so far though isn’t so social. When my friends aren’t online I can’t remember hearing anyone… ever! Even the missions that place you into a fire team are oddly quiet. PVP in games is usually full of insults and kids singing but in Destiny PVP there’s not even the sound of someone chewing crisps. I’ve gone through the game settings btw so I know it’s not that. Outside of missions there is actually no reason to play with others, The main hub on Earth has no Social centre, there is no reason to stay there once you have traded or started a new mission. The most social thing about Destiny is the emotes and I swear if I see another person dancing I’ll jump off an in game cliff!!!

Poser Destiny PS4
Destiny could have been ground breaking and even hints at what could have been. A whole solar system to explore with ruined cities and apocalyptic wastelands, PVP space and land battles, hordes of AI that can adapt to your tactics… The list could go on. But frustratingly Bungie have opted to play it very safe by giving you something all too familiar.
In short I found that Destiny has nothing new to offer gamers. Sure the graphics are brill, 10/10 in my opinion but that doesn’t make up for making Call of Duty in space and passing it off as something new.

Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition (PS4)

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