DC Universe Online PS4 Review

August 28, 2014

First before you read my review of DC Universe Online let me admit that I’m not the biggest fan of reading comics, it’s not that I find them childish or boring, I just never thought of buying them. So I can’t tell you much about any of the characters in the game or about DC comics.

DC Universe Online

I first played DC Universe online over a year ago on the PS3. It took me 12 hours to download which frustrated the hell out of me however I persevered and eventually found myself playing the game. Within a week though there was a new update to download and my PS3 was telling me it would take another 12 hours to download. DC Universe Online was deleted from my hard drive there and then.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and I was looking at the free to play games for my PS4 and there it was. Knowing that the PS4 can download games in the background while playing others or watching a DVD I thought I would give it another try.
This time it took 6 hours to download or so I thought as I got as far as the character selection screen and no further. I was pleased my two characters were there, frankly I had forgotten all about them but upon selecting one of them I could go no further. After a bit of searching online I found that the game hadn’t actually finished downloading at all and was still at it, even though my PS4 showed no sign of it doing so. This really made my blood boil there is no mention of this in the PS Store before starting the download and has no doubt put a lot of people off playing. After another 2 hours downloading was finally complete so 8 in all which is still much better than my experience with the PS3.

Poison Ivy

To begin with it was all new and exciting, well apart from what I remembered from last time and I happily worked my way through a few missions however soon things began to get familiar. Beat up these guys, fetch this, rescue him or her. As game play goes it’s your basic MMORPG stuff. You can upgrade your characters powers and earn or buy better equipment as you go; some of the costume parts you can get look ridiculous while others are pretty cool I guess it’s all down to personal taste and if you don’t like or need something then why not sell it? If you’re looking for something new from an MMO here then I’m sorry but you won’t find it however now for the good bit.

If you’re a fan of DC Comics and I know there are many, many thousands of you out there then you will love the detail of this game, from characters to famous land marks, it’s all there for you to explore and the world is huge, you can even go into space!
Talk with Batman, help superman, stare at supergirl from every angle possible. Or if you want to be a villain, then that’s cool too because Lex Luthor, The Joker and a host of other baddies from the DC Universe are in the game too and they could use your help.



I had to give this game a bit of thought before deciding to include it on Brill Stuff. I find DC Universe Online to be a fairly standard MMORPG. It’s graphics are great and story lines are engaging but you won’t find anything new here in terms of game play. What it has in its favour though is price because the basic game is free. Also there is the depth of characters. This truly is the DC Universe Online and playable by you so fans will not be disappointed and those like me who aren’t that into the comics have a decent free game. In the end I can’t really fault this game after it eventually downloads but I can’t find anything to raise it above the norm either and that’s a missed opportunity.

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