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January 13, 2014

Hi, I’m Blair and welcome to my brill blog.


Story telling is a popular and ancient form of entertainment; perhaps as old as language itself. The way we tell stories has changed dramatically over thousands of years. At the turn of the last century early film directors began to tell stories in black and white, with no sound. Since then we have been hooked on going to the movies, or more recently watching a film at home.

Then, comes video games at the end of the 1970’s and we are no longer restricted to simply watching or listening to a story anymore. We could change how the story line of a game played out. Today the games industry is worth hundreds of billions of pounds. A game can rival any hollywood blockbuster for plot, scripts and entertainment. Recently gaming can provide an even more immersive experience with the advent of Virtual Reality equipment. Gaming now places us in the virtual world of the story we play.

Brill stuff is a blog for me to review brilliant movies and video games I’ve watched or played. Stuff I’m going to write about could be the latest video game fresh in the charts. Or a movie classic that you may not have seen yet. You’ll never see a post about anything that I haven’t played or watched myself so don’t expect hourly updates as I’ll be having too much fun… I mean working really hard.

You’ll find lots of my opinions here and I’m hoping you’ll share some of yours in the comments too.








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